CI-205-3 (Cobham)

Cobham (Comant Instruments) Ci 205-3 Вертолетная антенна навигационной и посадочной систем VOR/ILS для установки на хвостовой балке. Диапазон 108-118 MHz (VOR/LOC) 329-335 MHz (Glide Slope)


  • VOR/GS High Performance Navigation Antenna Set
  • Frequency: 108-118 MHz (VOR/LOC) | 329-335 MHz (Glideslope)
  • Designed for mounting on the aircraft vertical stabilizer or helicopter tail boom
  • Features low weight/drag
  • Tubular structure to minimize helicopter rotor "down wash" forces
  • Tubular structure to minimize helicopter rotor "down wash" forces
  • Wide band/high frequency electrical performance
  • DC grounding for lightning protection
  • Set includes 2 "towel bar" sensor elements each with one-piece dual coax interconnect signal combiner harness
  • Provides for a single cable routing to the avionics location
  • Use the CI-502 coupler for dual VOR operation with NAV1 and NAV2 receivers
  • Single or dual VOR/single GS operation is available when used with the CI-507 or CI-505 diplexers respectfully in NAV1 or NAV1 and NAV2 installations
  • Use the CI-1125 for dual VOR/dual GS operation